Transformers 4: The new disguise for robots

Michael Bay, after much debate has done it again, at least we will see soon what he has done again. Bringing us the fourth installment in the Transformers series it was rumored that Michael Bay would not return to direct it, but he did and it stands to be a great summer blockbuster. Partnering again with Steven Spielburg, the Transformers movie picks up four years after Dark of the Moon.

Transformers: Age of Extinction is loosely based off the original cartoon series of Transformers and this film promises some new robots in disguise. This live action film will feature Grimlock which was one of the original dinobots from the cartoon series. The movie is about a mechanic and his daughter who during their research stumble across something that brings the autobots, decepticons and the government all down on their heads. It features an all-star cast that includes:

Mark Wahlburg as Cade YeagerNicola Peltz as the daughter Tessa YeagerKelsey Grammer as Harold AttingerStanley Tucci playing Joshua

The film is said to be a mini reboot due to some original characters not returning to this fourth installment of the film. Even so the film is about the main characters and that includes many different robots in disguise.


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