The Tender Plot of Sweet Poolside

Sweet Poolside is the tender love story about the relationship which develops between two shy high school kids. This live-action movie is based on the Manga written and illustrated by Shuza Oshimi which was published in Young Magazine in 2004.

The movie has been adapted from Oshimi's manga by notable film director Daigo Matsui who also directs and it will be premiered in Japan on June 14th 2014.

The simple plot centers on Toshihiko Ota and Ayako Goto, two first year high school students and members of the same school swimming club. Toshihiko is cruelly bullied by his classmates because he has no body hair and Ayako is very self-conscious about herself because she has too much hair on her arms and legs.

She befriends her shy classmate and tells him about her problem and he agrees to help her by shaving her hair off. As he shaves her arms and legs each week he realizes he is beginning to have feelings for her.

The two youngsters who play the roles of Toshihiko and Ayako are Kenta Suga and Yuiko Kariya and the film runs for 103 minutes.

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