Say "I love you" From Anime to Action, coming to the big screen

Coming soon to a theater in Japan will be the new live action film of Say I Love You. This film is based on the manga that was created and designed by Kanae Hazuki. It is sure to be a hit as it went from the manga book to a television anime adaptation of the comic. Now it will soon hit the big screen and bring the story to life for all its fans.

Say I love you is the story of Mei Tachibana who is sixteen and having difficulty making friends at school. She has never had a boyfriend either due to an incident in her childhood that has left her scarred on the inside. She was left thinking that no matter what, people will betray each other. While at school she encounters Yamato Kurosawa who is quite popular and becomes infatuated with Mei. Through their tentative friendship she begins to branch out and make new friends.

Starring the acting prowess of:
Haruna Kawaguchi playing the part of MeiSôta Fukushi who stars as Yamato Kurosawa
Rika Adachi who plays the part of Aiko muto Alissa Yagi taking the role of Asami oikawa

This film is directed byAsako Hyuga, and will release in Japan during the summer of 2014.

Video Trailer !!: 
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