Nana Movie (2005)

  • Directed by: 
    Kentarō Ōtani
  • Produced by: 
  • Screenplay by: 
    Taeko Asano
  • Based on: 
  • Music by: 
    Tadashi Ueda
  • Cinematography: 
    Kazuhiro Suzuki
  • Distributed by: 
  • Release date(s): 
    September 3, 2005
  • Country: 
  • Language: 
  • Budget: 

Nana Movie (2005) Live Action Movie Based on the Manga.


The eponymous dual heroines are 20-year old NANA Ohzaki and nana Komatsu. Strong and independent, NANA comes from a dysfunctional background and is the vocalist of a punk band looking to find a major record deal. On the other hand, na?ve and sweet-natured nana has been blessed with a stable family environment and the most pressing issue in her life is her boyfriend! Fate brings these two very different girls together and the film traces their fortunes as they navigate the trials and tribulations of love and the difficulties facing young women in the bustling and often intimidating metropolis of Tokyo. The rock-oriented soundtrack enhances the pace of the film.


Nana -Trailer-


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