Ichi the Killer Movie (2001)

  • Directed by: 
    Takashi Miike
  • Produced by: 
    Akiko Funatsu, Dai Miyazaki
  • Screenplay by: 
    Sakichi Satō
  • Based on: 
    Manga and Anime
  • Music by: 
    Karera Musication, Seiichi Yamamoto
  • Cinematography: 
    Hideo Yamamoto
  • Distributed by: 
    Media Blasters
  • Release date(s): 
    September 14, 2001
  • Country: 
  • Language: 
  • Budget: 

Ichi the Killer Movie (2001) Live Action Movie Based on the Anime and Manga.


The Tokyo underworld has been thrown into chaos. One of the leading crime bosses, Anjo, has disappeared. He’s been kidnapped, tortured and murdered by a mysterious killer named Ichi. Prowling the streets in a superhero get-up, Ichi’s a vigilante like no other. Psychotic, neurotic, prone to erections at the sight of violence, harbouring a fondness for brutalized women and given to killing his foes by cutting them into tiny pieces, Ichi is the product of a youth spent cowering before the bullying of his classmates. At the command of a manipulative mesmerist, he now seeks to cleanse the city of intimidating thugs (which, of course, means geysers of blood and mountains of hacked-up body parts). His favourite prey is the yakuza, the Japanese mafia. Now that he’s done in a leading gangster, the situation’s set to explode. On Ichi’s tail is Anjo’s right-hand man, Kakihara, a sado-masochistic crook with a taste for scarification, painful mutilation and traumatizing torture who’s suddenly excited at the idea of being cut to ribbons by the masked vigilante.

(From fantasiafest.com)

Ichi the Killer -Trailer-


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