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 Sanbun no Ichi is a film about 3 associates who rob a bank, then begin having second thoughts about whether or not to actually divide the loot into exact thirds. Each of the diverse characters has a different motive for trying to secure a king's share of the riches. For one man in particular, his very life is at stake.
 A combination of hilarious hijinks and drama ensue when the 3 budding criminals begin letting their ethical sensibilities erode as they try to manipulate and trick each other into settling for less than a fair share.
 Bringing a heavy dose of exciting entertainment to the big screen are Koki Tanaka as Koji the waiter, Ryuichi Kosugi as Ken-san the bar regular, and Tatsuya Fujiwara as Shu the bar manager.
 Fans of the famous singer Mika Nakashima will be treated to a delightful cameo as well. Nakashima appears in the film as an employee of the bar.
 Although the screenplay was written by Hiroshi Shinagawa, the film is based on Hanta Kinoshita's 2012 novel.
 Sanbun no Ichi, which means One Third, is scheduled to hit theaters on April 1st, 2014.

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