Godzilla about to retake the world Movie Trailer (2014)

Releasing next year in 2014 we will see a rebirth of the movie Godzilla. Unlike the American version that tried to explain how Godzilla could possibly exist with nuclear waste and energy this live action movie is based on the original movie series that was done in black and white. It is also based on the comics that Godzilla was shortly turned into after its original debut in 1954.

This film is supposed to be an epic rebirth to the Toho series from so long ago. It pits Godzilla against other monsters as humanity is left arrogantly thinking we are the dominant ones on the planet and in the universe. While there have been few trailers released as yet, none of which show Godzilla in his full glory. Instead the depict pictures of the carnage and destruction that is left in his wake as well as hear his iconic wailing roar.

The film is being done by Gareth Edwards and stars Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen. This fan awaited reboot is sure to be a hit and there are more and more leaked videos and footage every day. The first official movie trailer is set to be as a preview to the Hobbit movie that hit movie theaters on December 13, 2013. And spoiler alert, but yes the atomic fire-breathing is back!

Video Trailer !!: 
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