Crows Explode Good Manga come in threes

Coming to Japanese theaters in April of 2014 will be the release of the third installment of the Crows film franchise. Titled Crows Explode, this film is based off the manga comics, and is a live action film. The adaptation for the film has been popular with the first two installments but will feature a whole new cast in this latest feature.

Battling it out in the school for the top spot is no easy challenge for anyone. After Genji Takiya's graduation that battle starts all over again pitting a transfer student (Kaburagi Kazeo) versus (Kagami Ryohei). And the entire time they are trying to become the top dog, they still have to battle their rival High School of Kurosaki Industrial High. Directed by Toshiaki Toyoda, this film will star the following actors:

Masahiro Higashide will play the part Kaburagi KazeoTaichi Saotome starring as Kagami RyoheiRyo Katsuji who will play the part of Ogisu KenichiKento Nagayama playing the part of Fujiwara HajimeYuya Yagira will act the part of Goura Toru.

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