Coming to live action movie "Silver Spoon" (2014)

The comic world of manga will soon be visiting us on the big screen with the movie Silver Spoon. This movie is based on the manga comics by Hiromu Arakawa of the same name and features a great cast.

This comic book adaptation is a comedy drama about an Agricultural High School in Hokkaido. It settles around a group of students that work at the dairy with a new kid who is straight from the city. He has never experienced farm life but quickly grows accustomed to it with group activities and experiences.

Keisuke Yoshida’s version of the live-action Silver Spoon will include the following actors and actresses as part of the cast:

Kento Nakajima playing the role of Yugo Hachiken.Alice Hirose playing the role of Aki Mikage.Tomohiro Ichikawa playing the role of Ichiro Komaba.Haru Kuroki playing the role of Ayame Minamikujou.Ryuhei Ueshima who is playing the School principal.

The film will debut in the spring of 2014 and already has trailers out on the web if you know where to look. Time to get your manga on with this live-action adaptation.

Video Trailer !!: 
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