The Cold War Reignites With the Winter Solider

Hitting cinema’s April 4th Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the 9th film in the Marvel Comic book film franchise and is set to be one of the most intense yet. Directors, Anthony Russo and Joe Russo, wanted the experience to be as raw as possible and spared no expense at ensuring the use of as little CGI as possible. With Captain America: The Winter Soldier what you see is literally what you get.

 The film has Chris Evans return as the lovable comic book hero Captain America and Scarlett Johansen as the feisty femme fatale, The Black Widow. Samuel L. Jackson is back as the legendary Nick Fury with additions to the cast including; The Hurt Locker star Anthony Mackie as The Falcon and Robert Redford enter the fray as Fury’s right hand man, Alexander Pierce.
 Set after the earth-shattering events of The Avengers, Steve Rogers is clearly having difficulty adjusting to his new life in modern day Washington D.C. An unexpected attack on a S.H.I.E.L.D agent catapults Captain America into a conspiracy that threatens the fate of the entire world. Battling through countless assassins the pair enlist the help of a new ally, The Falcon, and as the conspiracy unravels we see the return of The Captains old partner Bucky Barnes in the form of his most formidable opponent yet, The Winter Solider.

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