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Live Action Movies based on Anime, Cartoon, Comic and Novel. Your favorite Anime shows, Comic Books, Manga, Cartoon and Novels to Live-Action Movies.

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Finally, Another Funny Superhero Film: Guardians of the GalaxyFri, 02/21/2014 -...Coming to theaters in August 2014 is another Marvel classic that is full of superhero adventure with a comedic overlay. The Guardians of the Galaxy...view
The Tender Plot of Sweet Poolside Thu, 02/06/2014 -...Sweet Poolside is the tender love story about the relationship which develops between two shy high school kids. This live-action movie is based on...view
Say "I love you" From Anime to Action, coming to the big screenWed, 02/05/2014 -...Coming soon to a theater in Japan will be the new live action film of Say I Love You. This film is based on the manga that was created and designed...view
Crows Explode Good Manga come in threesWed, 02/05/2014 -...Coming to Japanese theaters in April of 2014 will be the release of the third installment of the Crows film franchise. Titled Crows Explode, this...view
Transformers 4: The new disguise for robots Sun, 02/02/2014 -...Michael Bay, after much debate has done it again, at least we will see soon what he has done again. Bringing us the fourth installment in the...view
The darker turn of the fairy taleWed, 01/29/2014 -...Coming to theaters this summer will see another depiction of the fairy tale cartoon that was once brought to you by Disney. Instead of this being the...view
The Cold War Reignites With the Winter SoliderTue, 01/28/2014 -...Hitting cinema’s April 4th Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the 9th film in the Marvel Comic book film franchise and is set to be one of...view
Greed is FunnyTue, 01/28/2014 -... Sanbun no Ichi is a film about 3 associates who rob a bank, then begin having second thoughts about whether or not to actually divide the loot...view
Top Ten Upcoming Releases Based on Comic Books and CartoonsFri, 01/17/2014 -...If you are comic book or cartoon fan who loves movie adaptations of the comics and cartoons you love, 2014 is going to be quite a memorable year. In...view

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